Saturday, 27 February 2016

Born Pretty (eBay) Nail Art Plates Review!!

I mentioned on Twitter that I might feature these on my blog a while ago and now I'm finally getting around to it.
I've been getting more and more into nail art in recent months, however I found it very difficult to get a design I was happy with using a brush or other nail tools. So, when I spotted these plates on eBay I decided to give them a try and I was not disappointed.(I'll leave a link below to the set I purchased along with a link for the stamper and scraper.)

The set I purchased contained 10 different plates and cost me about €6, they are also sold individually for about €1 each so it worked out better value for the set. There are many sets to choose from but I decided on this one just because it was the one that appealed to me most, I definitely plan on picking up a few more though.